Плюс размер Асимметричное Пальто С капюшоном Контрастные цветы - 2x


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Размер: M L 1X 2X 3X 4X

Подходящий США Размер:12,Бюст:42.9,Талия:40.9,Длина:33.7,Ширина Плеч :15.7,Длина рукавов:23.8,Ширина Рукав:15.2.(In inches) Подходящий США Размер:14,Бюст:45.3,Талия:43.3,Длина:34.4,Ширина Плеч :16.3,Длина рукавов:24.2,Ширина Рукав:15.7.(In inches) Подходящий США Размер:16,Бюст:47.6,Талия:45.7,Длина:35.2,Ширина Плеч :16.9,Длина рукавов:24.6,Ширина Рукав:16.3.(In inches) Подходящий США Размер:18,Бюст:50,Талия:48,Длина:36,Ширина Плеч :17.5,Длина рукавов:25,Ширина Рукав:16.9.(In inches) Подходящий США Размер:20,Бюст:52.4,Талия:50.4,Длина:36.8,Ширина Плеч :18.1,Длина рукавов:25.4,Ширина Рукав:17.5.(In inches) Подходящий США Размер:22,Бюст:54.7,Талия:52.8,Длина:37.6,Ширина Плеч :18.7,Длина рукавов:25.8,Ширина Рукав:18.1.(In inches)



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Наш размер Подходит размер США Грудь Талия Длина Ширина Плеч Длина рукавов Ширина Рукав
M 12 109 104 85.5 40 60.5 38.5
L 14 115 110 87.5 41.5 61.5 40
1X 16 121 116 89.5 43 62.5 41.5
2X 18 127 122 91.5 44.5 63.5 43
3X 20 133 128 93.5 46 64.5 44.5
4X 22 139 134 95.5 47.5 65.5 46
Стиль: Модный
Тип одежды: Другие
Материал: Полиэстер
Тип: Асиммеричная длина
Ширина: Длинный
Длина рукава: Длинный рукав
Воротник: Воротник с капюшоном
Типы застежек: Однобортный
Тип узора: Одноцветный
Декоративные элементы: Вставка
Сезон: Осень,Зима
Вес: 0.6560kg
с поясом: нет
Комплектация: 1 х Пальто


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  • This coat is made from a cloth that's thin, but sturdy. It has the feel (and I use it functionally) as a rain coat. It dries relatively fast, and the inner lining (which only fills out the hood) is soft and warm- but the brim is wide- allowing good head coverage but making it susceptible to get tugged down off your head in wind. The buttons are thin and metallic (perhaps thin metal or plastic, can't honestly tell), but are somewhat hollow- they look like thick buttons, but are actually concave- designed to look thicker than they are, but does not affect the functionality or look at all. The skirt drops delightfully down to my legs down to the back of the knees- making it even more functional as a rain coat! The skirt has no real sewn form, so it falls a bit like a dress- the edge of which you could grab and pull out to the side, and it would make an open fan like shape. It's not very insulating- at least no more than another rain coat- again, no lining being inside other than the outer material. As for me, personally- I really enjoy it. If you find these specifics are what you're looking for- I'm sure you will love it too.
  • Размер:1X Цвет:BLACK


  • I purchased this item along with several other sales items on my very 1st order with Rosegal. I am happily surprised about the quality of the fabric and stitching. Since it was my 1st order and the items were VERY inexpensive, I was quite concerned about quality, but all of the items I received were very nice and this coat will make a very good overcoat on cool/rainy days. It is light weight and unlined so it is not overly warm and has a very sophisticated look. I will definitely be ordering from Rosegal again.
  • Размер:L Цвет:RED WINE


  • When I shopped for this item I was under the impression that the fabric would be thicker and warmer. I live in Canada so the cotton fabric doesn't do anything to keep me warm unless it is summer in which case I don't need to wear it. I have worn it in the fall with a thick sweater underneath and I received compliments on it. The coat is really cute, true to size and the blue fur around the hood is a nice touch. I also find it flattering although I have to wear a big sweater under it. Beautiful, exactly as pictured
  • Размер:4X Цвет:BLACK
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