Starharvest 925 колец стерлингового серебра кольцо печатка с формой цветка для женщин


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Размер 6 7 8



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Материал: 925 ювелирные изделия стерлингового серебра,с родиевым покрытием, высокое качество кубический циркон камни.
Вес: 1.82 Г
:Диаметр 6/16.6 мм, 7/17.4 мм, 8/18.3 мм
Пол: Для женщин
Тип установки: зубец установка
Тип металла: платина
Размер кольца (Размер США): 6,7,8
Применение: Вечеринка
Стиль: милый стиль
Форма/Узор: Растение
Плакировка Поверхности: Родием
Цвет Камня: прозрачный
Вес продукта: 0.0018 кг
Вес упаковки: 0.0398 кг
Размер упаковки(Д x Ш x В): 8.00 х 8.00 х 3.00 см / 3,15 х 3,15 х 1,18 дюйма
Содержание Пакета: 1 х кольцо, 1 х Коробка

About the Brand


In 2005, with the great passion and love to jewelry industry, Ms. Joy Chou &Mr. Michael Hsu founded the company- Star Harvest.

In 2006, as the business moved forward steadily, the company recruited more than 40 experienced artisans for its production, and then keeps up in expanding, and now owned 3 factories with 300 artisans.


Star Harvest is ISO9001 international quality system certified and audited by SGS. All products are environmentally friendly lead&nickle-free certification by CTT. 


Make jewelry of love, for the ones and moments loved as the goal, Ms. Joy Chou with her team created more than 8000 designs from year 2006 to 2015, and keeping on developing trendy and quality jewelry. 


Star Harvest value: The Jewelry of Love - For the ones & moments loved

Jewelry is not only jewelry, it is love for the ones and moments loved.


One piece of jewelry as gift for birthday from a friend can remind you of the love and great time with the friends.

One piece of jewelry received on graduation ceremony may recall you of the friendship between the classmates. 

One piece of heart shape necklace can be a best gift for Mom and on the family reunion day, a charm Initial bracelet is to show your great treasure to your family members.

One pair of earring maybe from a workmate in company, it is a witness of the great time to work together for a same goal.


Star Harvest has developed different series jewelry for different ones and moments of your life. 

When you open the jewelry box, each piece of jewelry has its own story. The jewelry is the best gift as it is the witness of love for the ones and moments in life. 


 The jewelry of love, for the ones and moments loved.

Express Love, Cherish Love, Be Love. 

This will continue to inspire and guide Star Harvest as we keep growing together with our customers and create a true value of trend and love for a world full of hope.


Starharvest 925 колец стерлингового серебра кольцо печатка с формой цветка для женщин

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